Continuing Students

If you are a continuing student who did not attend UIS in at least one of the previous three semesters (summer is considered a semester), your record must be reactivated before you can register. Please note the following:

  • If you have completed additional course work since your last date of attendance at UIS, you must have official transcripts sent directly to the Office of Admissions, One University Plaza, MS UHB 1080, Springfield, IL 62703-5407.
  • If more than seven years have passed since taking your first course at UIS in pursuit of an undergraduate degree (six years for masters or eight years for doctoral), you have exceeded the time limitation to complete a degree and therefore must submit a new application to the Office of Admissions. A program granted leave of absence would be the only exception to this policy.

Please be sure to allow at least one full business day following the submission of your request. Once you have been reactivated, you should return to the Records and Registration home page and click on “Register Now!” to sign up for courses.

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